Hanging with the Inside

How to hang wallpaper – preparation and installation guide for beginners.  

The first thing most DIY decorators want to know is: “how hard is it to hang wallpaper?”. 

Usually the answer is something like: “pretty easy, mate.” 

Because with a bit of preparation, some basic tools and a good attitude, you can achieve a great result and have fun hanging wallpaper at your home. 

‘Hanging with The Inside’ is a series of tips that The Inside has gathered from our suppliers, customers, professional decorators and our own experiences over the past decade, to help you plan and hang your wallpaper. 

Before diving in, a quick word of caution: While every effort has been made to ensure the information provided is accurate, these tips are provided as general advice and not intended as specific instructions for your products or your home. Every job is different and we recommend you carefully consider your requirements and expectations before deciding if any or all of these tips are right for you. The Inside is not liable for any damage that arises for the use or misuse of these tips. 

As always, we strongly recommend that you read and follow all the instructions on your products. If there is any cross over or conflicting advice, default to your product instructions.  


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