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Importing Wallpapers - How did it all begin?

Posted on September 29 2011

How does one begin importing wallpapers? It all began one fine day when we were renovating. I trawled the wallpaper shops, collecting sample books to take home. And when we finally decided on one? It turned out to be a deleted line. I decided to try overseas. Eventually I found a small boutique company in Europe willing to send wallpapers to New Zealand. The postage was horrendous. I wandered if anybody else was interested. After advertising on the New Zealand online auction site 'trademe' I was inundated with requests for smaller amounts and different colours. Thus after a ton of negotiation and calls to customs, our wallpaper import business was born. We now import to New Zealand and Australia at just a little over half the price of most chain retailers.

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  • Namari: December 15, 2011

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exprteise.

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