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Posted by Rebekah Malthus on September 29, 2011

The Inside just loves Florence. Too bad she is so expensive. I suppose that is the price you have to pay for exquisite wallpapers and patterns made by the victim of an unsolved murder mystery. At $300NZD + per roll its not just the design your paying for, its the enigma.


Whoever killed her did the world no favours, she was simply brilliant. Her brightly-coloured geometric prints and oversized nature-inspired designs make for decadent walls.  The Sydney printing company that holds the exclusive rights to her designs guard them fiercely. Although certain noteworthy fashion gurus such as Akira Isogawa and Karen Walker  have been permitted to use some of the designs in their work. Another Sydney based company, Cadrys Handwoven Rugs have a Florence Broadhurst Rug Collection which are handmade in Nepal. I think Florence with her love of the avant-garde would approve.  What she would make of the $4750AUD price tag, I just don't know ($7000AUD for silk no less!).

The Inside desperately wanted to stock Florence, but the cost went against our very motto - Designer walls without the designer price tag. I fought with my partner, "change the motto!" I yelled.

But clearly I wasn't being logical. The argument caused me to ponder. Was anybody else out there worthy? Somebody more modern, somebody more cost effective? Of course I don't wish to compare designers, there are no fair comparisons. But the thought took me on a great search.

And I think we found somebody worthy.........


Enter please Judit Gueth, a Hungarian born designer living in Toronto.  There are some similarities in style, form and design. Judit's work is beautiful, well crafted and features a graceful fluidity. But the big bonus (apart from being blessedly alive), is her wallpapers are well priced! Well, as reasonable as unique non mass produced wallpaper can be. Even better The Inside are in negotiations to become her New Zealand representation. At last classy walls without the designer price tag. Yes - I can still use the motto.

She even does rugs. I think Florence would approve.

As I said, negotiations are afoot - watch this space.


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