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Bumf or Bumph - perfect for keeping large windows warm

Bumf or Bumph - perfect for keeping large windows warm

Bumph Interlining - Top Quality

Bumph Interlining - Top Quality

How to use interlining or Bumf

How to use interlining or Bumf

Bumph Interlining - Top Quality

$25.00 NZD

Bumf is back in. Perfect for large, draughty windows, Bumf is akin to double glazing but without the price tag. This is a product used by professional window dressers - do not accept lesser quality if this product is intended for warmth. 

Interlining is a layer of fabric that is sewn between the face fabric and the lining of window treatments.

Interlining (or Bumph or Bumf) is hidden by the outer layers of the curtain – even though you can’t see it, adding an interlining could mean the difference between your drapes being plush, full and beautiful – and being limp and listless, wilting and without substance.

Bumph (also sometimes referred to as Bump) is one of the most common fabric used as an interlining.  It is bulky and flannel-like, with a brushed surface that gives it a lofty and substantial feel. 

Each layer of fabric creates an insulating air pocket, reducing heat transfer between indoors and outdoors.  

Further Details:
Composition 100% Cotton

Per Metre

GSM 356.0g/m

137cm wide

Samples Currently not available
Colours Ivory
Comparisons Bumf is a thick lining, if you have a lighter weight window dressing consider 'interlining' which is a lesser weight warm lining.

Depending on stock levels please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

Fabric delivery $7 tracked courier NZ wide. RD delivery please add $12 per delivery.