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Vintage Wallpapers - New Zealand

Vintage Wallpapers - New Zealand

Retro Archway - Geometric 70s style wallpaper

Retro Archway - Geometric 70s style wallpaper

Green Archway Wallpaper

Green Archway Wallpaper

Retro Archway Wallpaper - Custom Design

Retro Archway Wallpaper - Custom Design

Retro Archway Wallpaper - Custom Design

$546.00 NZD

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TI2.4Hx 3.5AW

This old classic used to be one of our genuine vintage favourites. But its gone :(

So we decided to reproduce it ourselves under our 'Retro Range' of wallpaper. This very special design is digitally printed and as its part of our 'custom' design collection we can alter the colour and scale to suit. Featuring a geometric design in shades of green and complimentary orange highlights, this design is reminiscent of the 70's with that happy go lucky feel and colour.

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Product Dimensions

Priced at $65 per square metre including delivery.

1.8H x 2W = $234

2H x 2.5W = $325

2.4H x 3W = $468

2.4H x 3.5W = $546

2.6H x 3.5W = $591

2.4H x 4W = $624

2.25H x 4.35W = $650

Drop us a line if the sizes don't match your project

.Printed as a mural or wallpaper - depending on the project.
Samples Not available for custom designs.
Available In Green/Orange or your own specific colours
Questions Got questions? Please email us at to ask us
Delivery This is a custom design and takes a little time to produce. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery
Freight Free Post NZ wide. 
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