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Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Pink

Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Pink

Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Pink

Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Pink

Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Yellow

Pangea Animal Wallpaper - Yellow

Pangea Wallpaper - Customisable

$250.00 NZD

From New Zealand designer H.O.M, comes Pangea - part of our Pango and Ma collection. Pangea (or Pangaea) was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras approximately 335 million years ago!

Featuring a wide array of animals in one space, Pangea features the New Zealand Moa, Koalas, Kangaroos, strangely blue penguins, giraffes, a dodo bird, and a monkey all nestled in on rare and  tropical foliage. Available on a range of coloured backgrounds Pangea features hand drawn elements that have been digitized for a modern and funky feel. This mural is fully customisable so drop us a line if you would like to add an animal or change a colour or two.

Product Dimensions

Printed as a mural in 52cm strips.

Custom sizes available. Typical sizes start at:

2.4 high  x 1.8 wide mural $250

2.4 high x 2.5 wide mural $340

2.4 high x 3 wide mural $410

2.4 high x 3.5 wide mural $480

2.4 high x 4 wide mural $550

Custom Service Custom service available. Please contact us at
Leadin Time As these are custom printed on top quality paper and upon demand please allow up to 21 days for delivery
Currently available in Pink, Baby-blue, Midnight or Seafog - Grey. Please indicate colour choice when checking out.
Paper Type

 Standard 140GSM wallpaper. Custom paper types also available.

Notes This can be printed at any scale and some of our pictures reflect this. For large scale we suggest having this done in mural form. Drop a line to our friendly team at to get some ideas.

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