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Elephant Grass

Elephant Grass

Elephant Grass

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New to the world of wallpaper is the ever growing 'wall tile' concept. Simply buy the amount you need for the space you need. This particular tile 'Elephant Grass' is by a Swedish designer and available in NZ exclusively through The Inside.

Single Tile Size:  50x70cm (20 walltiles would cover approx 2.5 x 2.8 metres of wall space)
Pattern Match: Tile pattern is modular. Can be put up up-side down or with a half repeat to make the pattern less regular.
Quality: Litho. on 115gsm blueback paper for no shine through
Discounts: Available for bulk buying:
* 30 tiles = $25 per tile 
* 20 tiles = $30 per tile 
* 10 tiles = $35 per tile
Delivery: Generally we do not keep large quantities of these in stock. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery
Freight: Free delivery NZ wide