Preparing your wall surface to hang wallpaper

How do I prepare my wall for wallpaper? Do I need to prepare my wall before wallpapering? 


Preparing your wall is the most important part of the job.  It’s not exaggerating to say it’s more important than the actual wallpaper hanging because the quality of your surface can dramatically effect the finished look of your wallpaper (and also how easy it is to remove it in the future). 


To get the best result, (and avoid a host of problems) you need a good blank canvas to work with. Aim for a clean and even surface that your wallpaper can stick well to: 

 The basics – start here: 

  • Remove any nails/picture hooks  
  • Sand existing paint (see blog for more info on papering over painted walls)
  • Fill holes and cracks with a sandable filler 
  • Sand/smooth any bumps  Pro Tip: shine a torch along the wall to look for shadows’ 
  • Dust thoroughly (if you have dirty or oily walls, clean with a sugar soap solution) 

For the best results, also consider: 

  • Apply an oil based, pigmented sealer. (Most professionals will recommend this as the primer for all wallpapering projects.) 
  • Allow sealer to dry fully.  Sand with 60 grit sandpaper.
  • Dust thoroughly 
  • Apply size (Most professionals will recommend using size for before hanging all wallcoverings)


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