If you're looking for classic, timeless wallpaper will love our selection of Anaglypta wallpapers. This style of wallpaper is heavily textured and often embossed, giving it a 3D effect. It's perfect for creating an eye-catching accent wall, and comes in a variety of patterns and designs. Once extremely popular in the Victorian era, it has made a well-deserved comeback in today's homes. With an array of classic and contemporary designs, there's an Anaglypta wallpaper to suit any taste.

Stunning wallpaper from classic brands such as Duro, Anaglypta, Holden, A.S Creation, Florence Broadhurst, Versace, Feathr.com, NLXL, INKE, Eli Popp, and By Hanna will brighten up your home. Alternatively, channel your inner designer and The Inside team can print a bespoke custom wallpaper or mural for you and your walls. Browse our extensive range of designer wallpapers today!