Size counts

Do I need to size my walls before wallpapering? What is wallpaper size? 


When it comes to wallpaper, ‘size’ matters.  But put away the tape measure because when talking about ‘size’, we’re talking about a compound used to make it easier to hang and remove wallpaper. 

Size is essentially a watered-down, paste-like solution that you roll/brush onto your wall and leave to dry before wallpapering over. You can buy specialist sizing compounds or use a paste that includes instructions for sizing 

Why does wallpaper size do? 

  • Wallpaper size helps seal porous walls to stop them from absorbing paste during installation. This makes it easier to remove wallpaper and protects the wall surface when the time comes to redecorate. 
  • It keeps your paste wetter for longer – giving you more time, and making it easier to get in the right spot for hanging 
  • It improves the sticking power of the wallpaper/paste, helping hold down the seams and stop joins from opening. 

Should to size my walls before wallpapering? 

Sizeing is a relatively quick, simple and cheap process that gives you a lot of benefits and helps avoid some common pitfalls when hanging wallpaper. 

Sizing is especially important when using ‘paste the paper’ wallpapers because it helps stops the seams/joins from opening as the wallpaper dries. 

However, sizing does add an extra step and some people choose to skip it when hanging ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers on properly primed wall surface. 

But if in any doubt or you just want the best result possible, size it up. 


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