Wallpaper Paste

What wallpaper paste should I use? 

Wallpaper paste is pretty straight forward but important to get right. Basically - get a paste that’s compatible with your wallpaper, mix it correctly and Bob’s your uncle. 

But getting your paste wrong can get you into a sticky situation (or rather the opposite of sticky) and see your wallpaper falling off the wall. 

There’s two main things to get consider: 

  • Carefully read the instructions on your wallpaper label and paste packet to make sure they are compatible.  Some pastes are multi-purpose and can be used on most types of wallpapers. However some pastes are specifically blended for certain types of paper and will not work well on others.  
  • Follow the mixing instructions closely.  Different weights/styles of paper will require different thickness of paste.  (Heavy wallpapers need thicker paste.) Carefully measure  the specified volume of water into a bucket before mixing in the paste powder/flake. 

While there are heaps of different paste options available, we keep things simple and stick to a quality multi-purpose flake, that works well on both traditional (paste the paper) and paste the wall, wallpapers.  

But the main take home point here is to carefully read and follow the instructions on your products.  


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