Boys Rooms

Boys Rooms

Boys Rooms

Choosing wallpaper for boys rooms is hard. There are oodles of cute unicorn, love heart, rainbow (typical stereo typed) wallpapers for girls but when it comes to boys....

So how do we choose a wallpaper for a boys room? 

There are so many ways to choose depending on location, age and interests.

We try and tag all the wallpapers that maybe of interest to a boy with 'boys room' or 'kids room'. So by putting these keywords into our search (top right hand corner) it should bring up many of the ones we consider worthy. Although it is a random 'general' search so it may bring up a few more.

Here are some great examples

But then we get asked - 'will they out grow it?'. Undoubtedly. Unless you choose something that is 'classic'. But really wallpaper is easy to change. Its not like getting new plumbing or moving a wall.

If you wanted to go for classic 'non-aging' in a boys room then you could consider some of these


Teenage Boys


And of course if you can't find anything you love we can custom print just about anything - from surfing to rugby and soccer murals or patterns.

Just some ideas to get you started - go with what you love - they wont be at home for ever :)


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