Flaking Wallpaper

Flaking Wallpaper

Flaking Wallpaper

Over the years we have done a lot of wallpapering. Of all kinds and all descriptions. Especially if we get a complaint or a concern - we try and check it out for real. Unfortunately wallpaper is one of those products that if the instructions are not followed then errors can occur.

I have to admit that between us - my wallpapering has more errors than Adam's. Why? Because I am a bit slap happy 'she'll be right' and he is way more methodical and precise. 

Over the years I did start to notice mine sometimes my projects tended to flake after time and his did not (don't worry this was never for customers - just at the shop or home). And it was the same wallpaper and always after a certain amount of time had passed.

How is it possible that a flat digitally printed wallpaper could peel? Its impossible. One of our manufactures finally shed some light on it for us. If you do not wipe your wallpaper down after installation eventually the paste will cause it to flake. The paste will eat into the ink and cause it to flake.

All of the instructions on the back of the label will say 'wipe off excess paste immediately with a clean damp cloth'. This is really important as not wiping down the wallpaper thoroughly will result 100% in 'flaking wallpaper'.

Over the years - being aware of this I go back next day with a clean cloth and wipe it all down. My projects are now less likely to flake - unless I get interrupted.......

Below is three photos that I have taken of various projects in our shop that I have inadvertently forgotten to wipe the paste off and its flaked a year or so later


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