How to Return Your Wallpaper

How to Return Your Wallpaper

How to Return Your Wallpaper

We get it. Calculating wallpaper can be tricky - it is especially hard for us as we are not physically at your project to work out the tricks and techniques on how to save you volume/rolls. 

This is why we do accept SOME returns on our 'in stock' product range. We can not offer this on indent or custom products. So it is always worth checking with out team prior to ordering if your product is indent or 'in-stock'. 

Taking returns for in stock products is a no-brainer for us. We would rather your project is flawless than spend hours searching for old batch numbers later on down the track.

Our return policy is pretty simple. We have an online returns portal

You MUST use the portal. The mount of people who don't contact us and send product back with no address, order number or contact is mind boggling. How does our warehouse know who you are with out any identification? How does our account team know that the warehouse has a returns? We basically have a pile of returned goods like a lost property box.

Using the portal lets you know the returns process, the fee for returning (it is minimal) and the place to return it to (as we have several warehouses). if yous end it to the wrong warehouse we will have to send it to the correct one which will come off your refund.

Using the portal will not only direct you to correct warehouse return but make sure your refund is processed smoothly.

The portal will also state 'unopened product'. We can not accept opened product. Why? Because some wallpaper hangers will not hang opened wallpaper.

Next step - making sure your item is not damaged in transit. You must put it in a box or some sort of protection. We have had people return goods that have been damaged in transit because they did not wrap it up correctly. Guess what the couriers said? Tough Luck. 

Finally if you have followed the portal instructions - your wallpaper will be returned to our warehouse where it is sorted. Our warehouse tag the refunds team and your refunds processed. This bit may take a few days depending on the warehouse and how busy they are. Once the refund is issued (back to the way it came in) it may take several days t clear depending on your bank - but on our end it is instant.

If you choose to take a credit then our team do not charge you 5% returns fee - but you will know this as you have used the portal :)



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