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This is a little guide on the type of murals we offer.

Where to start? There are so many different types of murals.

Most murals are printed/sold by the square metre. You can work out the square meterage of your mural by multiplying height x width. For example 2.4 x 3 (very average mural size). 2.4 x 3 = 7.2. so you would be charged at 8 square metres at this size. We would also add + 5 or +10cm trimming allowance on - this makes your mural much easier to install. We will always try and print the excess to the biggest we can (unless it interfered with the graphics) within your square meterage. So for a 2.4 x 3 mural we would print this at 2.5H x 3.2 W and it would still be within the 8 square metres.

All of our murals - unless at stock at point of order take up to 6 weeks to print and be delivered depending on the print queue at the printers and the amount of changes you make when proofing your artwork.


We have a small amount of murals we keep in stock from 1wall in the UK. These murals such as our World Pap (W2PL-BLUEMAP-007), Forest, New York Taxi, or Brooklyn Bridge are often kept in stock. They are a rigid size and can not be altered in any way but are readily available.


We have an economy series of murals that are approximately $45 per square metre. These murals are not printed on a 'paper' but a type of vinyl. The panels overlap (not but join - although some very skilled installers can remove the but join) and we can not offer any customisation on this type of mural (except for size). They also come with no mock-ups. But they are fantastic value if you can make them work for your project.

Below is a picture of an over lapping panel.


Our next series of murals are printed at $70 per square metre. Two of our manufactures end up at this price point. A.S Creations and Pango and Ma. For $70 per square metre some customisation is possible. We can potentially alter colour, re-arrange graphics, or remove certain elements. We can provide mock  ups. Below is a mock up we did for our JULES mural. Here the customer wanted the octopus higher to make room for her bedhead. but did not want graphics to close to the edges due to her sloping ceiling. We provided a series of mock-ups until we got it right. The customer had to approve the mock-ups before we could print them.


Rebel walls offers a fantastic array of murals for $95 per square metre (some of them are available in peel and stick for $114 per square metre).

Limited changes are available with these murals but we can provide mock ups before printing if desired.

Feathr also have a great array of beautiful murals. The most popular being Kubla Khan and Hirosaki. Feathr print most of their murals at $99 per square meyre.

Below is a customers picture of Hirosaki that we customised to fit.


Murals printed for commercial purposed are done on a 134cm wide vinyl. We have three types Mainsail (

All vinyl wall covering substrates from this company are flame retardant, Anti-mildew, Antimicrobial, and recommended for commercial applications. These are priced at $200 per 1.34 square metres. Any graphics possible and mock ups and sampling provided before print.


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