Murals on raked or sloping ceilings

Murals on raked or sloping ceilings

Murals on raked or sloping ceilings

We love murals, we love wallpaper. Sometimes for certain projects one is better than the other. For example if you have a window in the middle of your wall and the mural you like has all the artwork in the centre - then you are probably better off with wallpaper.

But this blog is about raked ceilings. The kind of ceilings that slope down - like below.

Walls and a flat low ceiling were r... - Gallery - 1 | Trends

If you have a roofline like the above (or similar) and want a mural you need to measure from the highest point. Murals are generally printed in squares or rectangles. So you will waste a bit of paper/design in this kind of scenario. 

We often get our customers to draw us a diagram of their project (even where their furniture is so we can position art work the best we can for maximum impact). Below is an example. Perfect description, heights, angles and even where the bedhead is

We can then adjust the artwork (if possible) to get the best result for your job.

Check out Jules the Octopus below. Positioned so you don't lose any of the graphics with the sloped ceiling or the bedhead.





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