Wallpaper Creases - Clamp and Roller Marks.

Wallpaper Creases - Clamp and Roller Marks.

Wallpaper Creases - Clamp and Roller Marks.

Another possible 'thing' with wallpaper is creasing on the edges. While it is not super common - it can happen.

Usually this is not banged edges caused by shipping . The damage is found deep inside the rolls, indicating that it happened at the factory and is usually due to the trimmers in the factory moving back and forwards as the wallpaper is passing through. This results in the seams weaving in and out when they are supposed to be cut perfectly straight.

The first picture is damage by post (Anaglypta Deco Paradiso)

The second, third (and featured image) pictures are damage by clamps in the processing stage of manufacture.

In an ideal world the wallpaper would be sent back and replaced immediately. This is not always possible (especially in NZ the bottom of the world). You may be in the middle of a project and there is no more of this batch left - or your installer maybe booked out for the next three months (yet another reason why wallpaper should be inspected before installation).

Sometimes you have to move forward with the wallpaper you have at hand - but how does this look? 

Often if these creases are 'soft' they will come out with installation. Make sure when installing that there is plenty of paste behind the 'dents' and press the wallpaper firmly with your fingers too 'smooth' it out.

It is amazing what does come out with a bit of paste! 



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