Wallpapering the ceiling - the 5th wall

Wallpapering the ceiling - the 5th wall

Wallpapering the ceiling - the 5th wall

Can you wallpaper your ceiling?

Why yes - yes you can and it can look amazing. But you do need strong arms- because its different to papering a standard wall.

Say for example your room was 300 x 300cm then your drops are now 300 long (rather than the standard 240cm) and with the pattern repeat that could be something like 365cm long. They are heavy. long bulky drops (especially if its paste the paper).


Below is a photo a customer sent us of Turner Tile Anaglypta on her bathroom ceiling. She used an anti mould bathroom paint - "been up 4 years and doing great" she says.

 The other thing to consider is 'direction' as wallpapers are generally printed to hang 'down' some may not look so good on the ceiling. 

Here is a picture of 'Osaka" (long since discontinued) but we have run it one way up to the centre join and then the opposite way so it runs 'two ways'.

Another customer used Cole and Sons 'Stars' This works no matter what way due to its randomness of pattern.

And here is a 'one directional' mural that looks fabulous (but is a really heavy substrate so they must have had scaffolding).


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