Wallpapering your hallyway - Small Repeats

Wallpapering your hallyway - Small Repeats

Wallpapering your hallyway - Small Repeats

We get a lot of customers wanting to do long corridors and hallways. We love a wallpapered corridor. They can look stunning. 


Some advice. Unless you have panelling (tongue and groove or the like) at the bottom, it is better to try and choose a more robust paper type. Corridors and hallways are high traffic areas so a thin paper may not hold up as long as a vinyl or textured anaglypa (depends how you use your space really.

The second piece of advice is try and use a wallpaper with a small repeat. Corridors and hallyways can use a lot of paper. If your ceiling is anywhere up to 2.5H high (although that is tight)  then a wallpaper with a '0' repeat or a 'free match' will give you four drops per roll rather than three. So you get an extra approx 53cm wide of cover per roll.

Stripes and textured wallpaper often (not always so worth checking) have '0' pattern repeat.

If your ceiling height is say 2.3H then you can use a wallpaper with a pattern under 20cm you can still get the extra drop.

For example - Baroque Fans (caramel coloured art deco style wallpaper)has a 20cm repeat and is vinyl - so the perfect hallway wallpaper. Lindora (Duckegg/Gold 26.5cm repeat) Ruba also has a 26.5 cm repeat (also vinyl). Margaret (duck egg bead shapes) has a 17.7 repeat.

Baroque Fans Wallpaper - 5 ColoursTealMaragret Geometric Wallpaper - 5 Colours

Lindora Wallpaper - 4 Colours


And lastly I would like to show you this fabulous corridor/hallway in our Honeycomb Bee wallpaper. Honeycomb Bee is neither vinyl nor does it have a small repeat. However they have paired it with a durable tongue and groove panelling that should take most of the knocks and hits.

Wendy M. review of Honeycomb Bee Wallpaper - 4 Colours



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