How long will my order take to arrive?

  • In-stock wallpapers should be on your doorstep within a couple of days of ordering.  They are booked with couriers by the end of the business day following purchase (often they are on the courier the same day ordered).
  • Indent wallpapers (wallpapers imported to order)  it usually takes around 2-3 weeks for wallpapers to arrive to us from Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Murals - printed on demand, allow 6-8 weeks
  • In-stock Rattan/Cane furniture we book it with a transport company the same day it is ordered and it should arrive at your home within 10 working days. 
  • Rattan/Cane furniture - we have shipments arriving bi-monthly so please contact for clearer eta. 
  • Custom wallpaper and murals - printed on demand, allow 6-8 weeks


What happens if my order gets lost in transit?

In unlucky event that your order is lost in transit we will refund you in full or send a replacement order.   Here's how the process:
We use respected courier services that 99 times out of a 100, deliver your order within a few days of dispatch from our warehouse.  Sometimes you'll get it overnight, sometimes it takes a day or two.  Occasionally, it stretches past this and we know how frustrating it is!
If this is you, we're sorry and want you to know that we are working with the couriers to get this sorted ASAP.
Nearly all packages turn up in a few days and crisis is adverted, but for the ones that get lost there is a process that we have to follow with the couriers, so we can refund/replace your order.
  • First we have to wait for the courier to accept that they've lost the package. This may take a few days while they do a thorough search for it
  • As soon as this happens, we will refund you or dispatch another order.
We hate it when this happens, but thankfully, it's very rare.


Where are you based?

We have a showroom, warehouse and office in Nelson. If you're in town, come and visit us at 16A Paru Paru Road. 

How do we contact you?

We have an in-house team of 4 people ready to help you via email or on the phone 03 970 6652

What paste should I use?

As nearly all wallpaper in New Zealand is imported it is not always possible to use a paste that is recommended by the manufacturer. We always recommend following the manufacturers instructions - failure to do so voids any consumer rights. Many of our wallpapers are printed on water based papers (not solvent based due to EU regulations). As some pastes contain high starch levels and aren't kind to water based papers, we recommend you use a ready mixed paste. Apply it sparingly to the paper or wall whichever is recommended for that paper and remove any excess paste immediately from surface.

Help - my wallpaper hasn't arrived.

Sometimes the courier gets it wrong. Don't panic, all our wallpapers are tracked so even if the courier delivers it to the wrong place it will be found. When your wallpaper is dispatched an automated email will be sent to you with your tracking number. It is easier for you to track this delivery and reorganise a time that suits you by calling Post Haste on 0800 106 828. Your product number will either start with SG or TD and the numbers that follow are your tracking numbers. If the package has actually been misplaced then it is time to contact us to start official proceedings.

How do I order overseas?

We send international. Believe it or not, its not that expensive to send worldwide as international sales are exempt from the New Zealand goods and services tax (GST). The deduction of 15% from the total sale goes a long way into paying for the post of your items internationally. International sales should be done through email We have credit card facilities available.
Credit card, Paypal or bank deposit?
We have paypal and credit card facilities available. We use Shopify payment options for our credit card gateway or we can accept bank deposit.

Batch Numbers

Some people order 1 roll of wallpaper to trial it out. We do not recommend this due to batch numbers. If you intend on ordering more later on please let us know as batch numbers vary and it might not be possible to get the same batch number later on. It is often possible for us to put some aside so that you can have the same colours.

Can I get a sample?

Samples are problematic for us. By the time they arrive in New Zealand and customs, duty and GST have been added they work out to be $7 including post for a small A4 size. We now sell some wallpapers by the metre which gives a better indication of colour and design. Wallpapers by the metre are $10 plus $7 courier fee.


We have a money back offer for in stock products returned with us within 30 days. If the product has to be ordered in for you then we are unable to accept returns unless the product is faulty. If you think you may need to return your item please check with us before purchase to see if the item is in stock or not.

Shipping Times

Wanting to order but wondering about lead times? As of 30/07/20 although we are lucky to not be on Lockdown in NZ, shipping times for incoming stock may be delayed further with the latest announcements about border closures and flight cancellations around the world. Often our stock comes from Europe so please do bear in mind that this may affect waiting time. Send us a message if you would like us to check our current stock for you before you order, as we are here to help :)