Lining paper

Lining paper is can help give you a great finish and make it easier to hang your wallpaper paper, but is it worth the extra cost and shag factor? 


To line or not to line, that is the question - and to answer it you need to consider the condition of your walls and the quality of finish you want to achieve.   


Lining paper is a plain wallcovering used to mask imperfections and provide perfectly smooth canvas to hang wallpaper on.  


It’s also used to cover bright, dark or two toned walls that can show through/ghost a new wallpaper. 


It is mostly used in New Zealand in old homes to cover walls with a lot of pin holes, bumps, cracks, uneven surfaces.  As well as saving hours of grunt work, can save the need to re-lining with fresh Gib. 


It is hung horizontally comes in various weights and materials, with some lining papers especially designed to add strength and thermal properties to your wall. 


In general, lining paper will give a better end result – and it's worth considering  if you’re are a perfectionist and/or your walls are in bad shape. 


But if your walls are in decent shape and you’re not bothered by slight imperfections, you’re probably better off investing your cash and shag factor into other projects. 


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