Fire Ratings

Fire Ratings

Fire Ratings

This blog post about fire ratings is really for our commercial clients. Many of our commercial customers ask for fire ratings for Group 3 fire ratings.

Four Ratings:

Materials will be given one of four ratings:

Group 1 non-combustible

Group 2 Non-combustible are the highest rated

Group 3 are predominantly timber products with no specific fire retardant properties. Flashover is reached between 2 and 10 minutes of the test starting, there is no requirement for a smoke growth rate for this Group Number. ‍

Group 4: Flashover is reached within 2 minutes of the test starting and is the most combustible.


For commercial projects

Aged care and healthcare projects may require a Group 1 fire rating for wall covering in sensitive areas. Lift areas and ceilings will usually require a Group 1 fire rating.

Residents’ rooms, corridors, hair salons, receptions and bathrooms would usually require a Group 2.

The majority of our commercial grade wall covering is Type 2 (Heavy vinyls generally have very strong fire ratings). We can also supply Type 1, 15oz commercial wall covering if required. Our current range is mostly fire rated either with Group 1 or Group 2


Most of our 'normal' wallpaper are designed for home use and have a Euro classification (Fire Rating: Class A, ASTM E84).

On the labels most of the wallpapers have on their labels B -S1,d0 (harmonised technical specs EN15102:A1:2011)

Now trying to line some of these numbers up to NZ standards may be confusing but we recommend you contacting your local council before specifying and particular product to see what they will accept. If they do not accept -S1,d0 you may need to change to one of our commercial grade vinyl's. 


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