When your mural doesn't fit

When your mural doesn't fit

When your mural doesn't fit

Its an exciting time for wallpaper and murals - digital printing has changed the norm and with it comes a whole host of new products. Some that don't always fit your space. Some of our hybrid murals (murals that repeat) are printed at 280cm high so need to be trimmed by 40cm to fit the average NZ ceiling height. Or some are not wide enough. The hybrid mural makes it easy - you can but more than one to fit the width. But if the mural isn't hybrid then you need to be creative. We can use contrasting or matching paint to make the image work in your space. Often manufacturers nowadays are calling these non repeating murals 'wallpanels'. Wall panels with contrasting paint can look amazing and it is becoming a very cool new style that we are seeing in homes. Below are some images we have gathered to illustrate. We are also seeing people framing their wallpanels and wallpaper to become a an artwork in their homes.

The first two photos are from our very own showroom. This Xanadu mural at 280cm high was actually too short for our 400cm high warehouse so we used black paint to make it fit. I think the black paint make its really 'punch'. The world map we felt was silly to print at 400cm high - nobody would have been able to see Europe! So we shrunk it back (resized it so the width fit perfectly but the height was adjusted) and used paint to fill in the gaps.

Kyoto The Mural Wallpaper

Blue China - Wallpaper Mural NZ-Wallpaper

The Swoop Luxe Wallpaper


Sunrays Forest Mural Wallpaper


Blossom Wall Panel Wallpaper


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