Wallpaper. In your Bathroom?

Wallpaper. In your Bathroom?

Wallpaper. In your Bathroom?

We get asked - ALOT- if wallpaper is ok to use in a bathroom. This is an interesting question because really we should be asking 'is your bathroom suitable for wallpaper'.

To begin with, we have many types of wallpapers available. Some of them are specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens (high steam areas). These wallpapers are usually made from blown vinyl (also known as expanded vinyl) and are a thick robust wallcovering. The design is coated with a layer of plastic which makes it one of the most hard-wearing wallpaper types you can find. The plastic coating is durable and washable which means it can withstand steam and condensation. 

Some of our wallpapers specifically designed for bathrooms are Odette Swan, Cerros Tile and Florida Flamingo.

There used to be a lot more designs within this range but as bathroom design and extraction fans have become better and better many people have ditched blown vinyl and are using plain wallpapers. Some of our customers are using just normal vinyl for a little protection while others are taking the risk. One of the most popular vinyl wallpapers (but not specifically designed for bathrooms) is La Palma

I myself have installed non specific wallpaper up in my bathroom for nearly 7 years and had absolutely no problems. But before I went ahead and decided on my product I tested my bathroom. How much condensation was dripping down the walls after a shower? How much water were my kids splashing behind the bath (where I wanted to paper). These are really the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a wallpaper for a high steam area. Because if you decide to go down that route the wallpaper has no warranty or guarantees if using it in a high steam area.

Here is another photo of Masoala (all photos used on this blog are real rooms and customer shots) this is a normal non-coated wallpaper up in a bathroom.

Whatever you choose - wallpaper in a bathroom can be fabulous if you take the time to research your bathroom requirements first (or just ask us).


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