Wallpaper with a Dado - Saving you money

Wallpaper with a Dado - Saving you money

Wallpaper with a Dado - Saving you money

Sometimes you just have to get creative. It can often be due to budget, or maybe the ceiling is just too high. Sometimes its because a wallpaper has gone out of production and there just isn't enough. Or maybe the shape just doesn't suit (especially in the case of world maps). Whatever the reason do not be afraid of the DADO or sometimes just paint. Sometimes I think (my humble opinion) it can soften the look and actually add to the overall effect.

Not going full wall is sometimes better.

In the case of a mural.

Say your wall is 3.2 high (that's high but common in villas, architectural homes or stairways) and the width is 3.5 metres then you looking at 12 square metres. It adds up. But why go full wall when you could print at 2.8 H x 3.5 W (changing your square metre rate to 10 square metres and potentially saving you a few hundred dollars).

Below is our:

Vintage Tartan (Customers photo using a vertical Dado line)

La Palma Wallpaper (Customers photo. Wallpaper above panelling)

Japanese Garden Wallpaper (Customers photo. Wallpaper above panelling)

Asian Garden Wallpaper (Customers photo. Used above a concrete wall. Just 1 x roll used)

Old Garden Wallpaper (Customers photo. This was achieved with just 1 x roll)

Petsounds Wallpaper (Customers photo. He framed this for the effect he was after)

Scrapwood Wallpaper + Tropical Wallpaper (Customers photo of 2 clearance rolls bought and used in conjunction as not enough product)

Cane Wallpaper + Wainscoting Wallpaper (2 different wallpapers used here to break up the tall ceilings and create drama)

Kyoto Mural (using contrasting paint/colour)

Twigs Mural (paint and dado below the mural)

Grapefruit Mural (an actual customers photo where she cut up the mural into four and used paint and tile to contrast with it. One of the best results I have seen in a long time.)

Wild Rose Mural (installed with panelling at the bottom)

The Great Wave (installed off-centre and using paint for negative detailing)

Misty Forest (installed like a work of art)

Kakariki Mural (installed on panels)

Water Colour Poppy Mural (White paint above the mural)

Tree Tops (Panelling), Blossom Mural (paint) 

Vintage Tartan Wallpaper - 2 Colours

Yasmin H. review of La Palma Wallpaper - 6 Colours

Penny A. review of Japanese Garden Wallpaper

Sally S. review of Asian Garden Wallpaper - 5 Colours

Olivia M. review of Old Garden Wallpaper - 4 Colours

Pet Sounds Wallpaper - Customers Photo

Sally S. review of Piet Hein Eek 'Scrap Wood Series' wallpaper - 17 different types

Wainscoting wallpaper 4 Colours plus carved option NZ-Wallpaper

Kyoto The Mural Wallpaper

Twigs 1 Mural NZ-Mural

Grapefruit Mural Wallpaper NZ-Mural

Wild Rose Mural - Pink/Red

The Great Wave - Mural Wallpaper

Misty Forest Mural Room

NZ Parrot Wallpaper - Blue

 Painted poppy Mural

Tree Tops - Wallpaper Mural

Blossom 1 Wallpaper Mural


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