World Map Murals Wallpaper

World Map Murals Wallpaper

World Map Murals Wallpaper

We do a lot of world maps - some we borrow, some we make, some we change. We can almost do a map for every circumstance. BUT there is one important ingredient and that is the 'rectangle'. For a world map to look how we traditionally expect a world map to look it needs to be a rectangle. So the perfect size for us is 240cm high x 350cm wide. This is a perfect ratio for a world map to look good. Often we can stretch it out to 400cm wide and it still looks good. We can also add a little bit extra height and it still retains a natural feel. 

Some people want (for example) 240cm high x 240cm wide. This is more square and doesn't fit naturally. We suggest choosing an area or continent for these kind of dimensions (scroll down for photos below).

Others want their map printed at 400cm high. And while this can look very cool - you can't really see a lot at the top of the map (which is usually Europe). In these cases we suggest printing at a shorter height and using coordinating or contrasting paint to get your final result. It will save you money in the end also as we print by the square metre.

I have dropped some images of world maps below where we have had unusual sizing to give an indication of what is possible with a little imagination. 

Above - Grey world map using matching grey paint to fit around window and below sofa. In this case the paint matches the map perfectly to create an almost 'seamless' finish. 

A world map on an angled ceiling. A creative and clever way to get the whole map in. You will also notice part of the map is missing where the door is. Our customers did not mind this. 

A framed map. Our customers framed this map which looks really good.

This map was blown up as the world map would not fit the square dimensions. 

This is our NZ centred map in our showroom. The ceilings are 350cm high so there was no point going all the way to the top. We used paint to create a contrast (or frame) above and below.

With a little imagination any map will fit. It just requires a little thought and planning.


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